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Experience hassle-free grocery shopping with our customer application, allowing you to browse and order from multiple stores for doorstep delivery.

Live Order Tracking

Real-time tracking of orders from placement to delivery.

Search Nearby Stores

Finds nearby grocery stores based on the user's location.

Add To Cart

Allows users to add items to their virtual cart for easy checkout.

Add To Wishlist

This lets users save desired items for later purchase in a separate list.

Transaction History

Provides users with a record of previous orders and transactions.

Real-Time Tracking

Allows users to track the status and location of their order in real time.

In-App Payments

Enables secure and convenient payment for orders within the grocery app.

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Our Vendors App streamlines the grocery ordering process for sellers, allowing them to easily manage and fulfill customer orders for timely doorstep delivery. Simplify your operations and boost customer satisfaction with our user-friendly application.

Adjust the accessibility

Customize the app's interface for easy use.

Payment details

Information on payment options.

Less Loading time

Faster app loading and processing.

Automatic delivery partner assigns

TAutomated partner assignment based on location and availability.

Fresh deals

Easy addition of new deals and promotions.

Order updates

Real-time updates on order status

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Say goodbye to the hassle of grocery shopping and hello to satisfied customers with our Admin app. Let your customers browse and order from multiple stores with ease, and enjoy doorstep delivery for the ultimate convenience.

Control Admins

System to manage app administrators.

Manage Customer Data

Manage customer information and data.

Driver Planning

Plan and manage delivery drivers.

Product Management

Manage grocery products and offerings.

Financial Planning

Plan and track app earnings.

Sales Reports

Generate reports on sold items.

Report Retrieval

Retrieve the reports from the app.

product enhancements
product upgrades
product integrations
product customization
product performance
product reliability
product security
product scalability

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Transform your multi-vendor platform with our simple, efficient single-tap dashboard!


Verify user identity with ease.

Dashboard Management

Manage the app's dashboard effortlessly.

Orders Tracking

Track and manage user orders smoothly.

Coupons & Discounts

Create attractive promotions to boost sales.

Elements Management

Effortlessly manage app elements such as products and categories.

Admin Roles

Create and manage admin roles with ease.

Content Updates

Update app content, such as product descriptions and images.

Performance Reports

Access dynamic reports on app performance.

product support

Grow your sales with the multi-vendor marketplace model! Next-level e-commerce.

product maintenance