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Dedicated Development Team

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Hire Dedicated Developers to work according to your time zone, deadline, and milestone

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ReactJS / React Native Developers
$23 Hourly (USD) 8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo. Hire Now
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Node.js Developers
$20 Hourly (USD) 8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo. Hire Now
dedicated resource model for software development
AngularJS Developers
$20 Hourly (USD) 8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo. Hire Now
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Laravel Developers
$20 Hourly (USD) 8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo. Hire Now
advantages of dedicated resources in software development
Flutter Developers
$23 Hourly (USD) 8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo. Hire Now
flexibility of dedicated resources in software development
Python Developers
$30 Hourly (USD) 8 hrs/day and 160hrs/mo. Hire Now

Reasons to Choose Our Dedicated Development Team

Appristine Technologies has a team of dedicated, skilled, and experienced developers. We nurture talents through rewards and encouragement. A healthy and competitive work atmosphere makes our company successful. If you want to handle your projects through an offshore development team, we are here to meet your requirements. Find reasons to choose us below.

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Top Coders

Our team loves coding. Fast, accurate, and advanced coding service is assured with our dedicated team. We have professional web and applications developers who have in-depth knowledge in various contemporary coding languages.

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Versatile Teams

We offer dedicated teams for different IT solutions. Our teams have worked on app development projects for manufacturing, finance, healthcare, entertainment, and other industries. You will find teams with specialized individuals to serve your requirements.

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Top-notch Efficiency

Companies seeking dedicated offshore teams expect world-class efficiency. Appristine Technologies is committed to rendering supreme-quality service. Our team is skilled in matching your requirements with precision.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Start building your Dedicated Team today!

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Dedicated Team

Flexible Work Models with Dedicated Teams

One of the most highlighting parts of our dedicated team service is flexibility. You can scale the team according to your requirements at any point in time. Nevertheless, you can choose different models for working with our dedicated teams.

  • Fixed Cost Model : Set a cost for the project and get it done within your budget.
  • Fixed Time Model : Hire our dedicated team for a specific time or duration.
  • Scale the Team : Want to reinforce the team? Scale team members anytime!
  • Dedicated Support : Find seamless and reliable support from the experts.
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How Do We Develop Dedicated Teams?

Appristine Technologies follows the standard recruitment rules and policies for hiring dedicated individuals for managing the projects. Find a glimpse of how our teams are developed in the following section of this article.


We organized workshops to find out the prospects. Organizing workshops help us to identify passionate and skilled individuals.



Job specification

We recruit individuals according to the job specifications. For this reason, our dedicated team meets your business requirements with precision.

Candidate Pre-selection

Pre-selection is the stage to find the potential candidates for accomplishing the projects.




We have a professional recruitment board, poised with industrial experts, to conduct interviews for candidate selection.


After interviewing the candidates, we start the onboarding process. A dedicated team is developed through systematic onboarding.



Daily Reporting

As a reputed dedicated team service provider, we always maintain transparency. Find daily reports to check the activities of the dedicated teams.

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People & companies that trust us

“We started with Appristine just asking for information, and since then, Amir(public relationships), Sid (CEO), and all their true team treat us like their own team to create a start-up based on e-commerce. We are finishing as planned, and the best thing is that the contact via WhatsApp-skype is perfect, there is more communication with them than with other firms we tried in our country (Spain) so, the distance is not a problem. My partner and I are very glad to work with them. Best regards to all the team!”

“Appirstine have been great working partners on the projects that they helped us put together! Their response time is incredibly fast, they listen to feedback, and are great with two-way communication. They have a great design team that makes your dreams a reality and we can't be more thankful for everything they have done for us. This is a solid company. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for Web or App development and design. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Let them help you WIN!”

“Appristine is not just a tech-developing company but a partner. They are reliable, trustworthy, and good at what they do. I will recommend them without hesitation to other companies. Appworld is still working closely with Appristine and we value that working relationship.”

“This Company has a really awesome team. we have developed 2 websites with them and one of them is a huge Magento e-commerce with many complicated details. Appristine was very patient with our requirements and carried on all details. I recommend them”

“I am really impressed by how fast and professional was the work done by these guys. The cooperation and communication were even better than initially expected which helped a lot in solving all of the open points. I will continue using Appristine Technologies for the current system as well as for some future projects!”

“The appristine team is super professional and quick to respond, loved working with them, and I'll definitely award them more and more projects. Thank you, guys :)”