Frequently Asked Questions

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How much we charge for static Website?

For 6 Pages static website the cost may vary between 150-250 USD.

What will be the charges for dynamic website?

For 10 Pages Dynamic website ranges in 750-800 USD.

What is the average time delivery for my project?

We take approximately 10-15 days to deliver 10 pages application.

What is the cost for Mobile Application like flipkart, Uber, Ola, Zomato?

The Average costing for such application will range between 5000 to 10,000 USD

What will be the provision for security?

We use security provisions like Encryption Algorithm, SSL Certification and Cloud Hosting.

What about the maintenance facility?

We provide post delivery 1 year of free maintenance and maintenance after 1 year will be charged.

How much you charge after a year of delivery?

After one year of free maintenance, you will be charged according to the modules.

What kind of hosting you provide?

We provide Shared, Cloud and Dedicated server according to your choice.

What are the charges for frequent changes or updates in application?

The charge will be depending on the modules.

How many sample design will I get?

Initially we provide you with 3 samples.

What are the costs for Google & Apple Account?

The cost for Google account is 25$ and for Apple account we charge 99$.

Who will provide Images for website?

You will have to purchase Images as to avoid the issue of copy right.

What are the confidentiality measures?

The non-disclosure agreement will be signed by both you and us, which protects the assets of both the parties. The source code will be delivered to you and you will be the sole owner of your intellectual property.

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