The Comprehensive Guide To Viral Marketing

The Comprehensive Guide To Viral Marketing

9, July 2019, 5:38 PM

Nowadays all business owners desire to expand their business. However, in order to do this, they need extensive promotion and advertising. Conventional methods include placing newspaper ads,

online advertisements, distributing pamphlets and affiliate marketing. Of late, a new method has emerged known as viral marketing. It has proved to be a big hit among both startups and established the business. Before elaborating further, let us introduce you to the viral marketing concept.


What is the meaning of viral marketing?


Viral marketing is a technique in which a video or visual content spreads with their target audience. The video spreads like anything. Due to viral marketing, the brand name of your firm is greatly enhanced. Another technique is inbound marketing. It consists of attracting the attention of prospective customers and is a very effective way to convert strangers to customers. Viral marketing strategies are explained below.


1) Target audience is specific.


Good viral marketing targets a specific audience. For example, if you are into children’s entertainment, then you should focus on making more of children’s cartoons, which will target children’s market.


2) The video is very appealing visually.


In order to attract customers, the video should be highly informative with a lot of features like 3-D rotation, graphics, etc.


3) Creative viral campaign.


As a part of viral marketing strategies, there is an aggressive and creative viral campaign which is eye catching and attractive, which helps businesses to attract maximum customers.


4) There is an emotional appeal.


All good campaigns carry a lot of emotional appeals. For example, if you are promoting anti AIDS vaccines, then you can include the video of patients dying from AIDS and consequent family distress.


5) Viral videos are very easy to share and promote


Video can be easily shared for it to get viral. Sharing, embedding and downloading of the content is done, to make into a memorable GIF. Always make calls-to-action or elements which encourage people to send it to their colleagues.


6) The timing of publishing is correct.


You should always publish the content when there is maximum viewership. For example, if you are promoting news and entertainment, try to do it in the morning or in the nighttime, when people return from work.


Advantages of viral marketing


There are several viral marketing advantages.


1) Brand building


The foremost advantage of viral marketing is that when your campaign goes viral, you can connect to a huge audience, which otherwise may have been inaccessible. This is very helpful for you to create a brand, in case you are a startup.


2) It is very cost effective


Viral content can be created on a low budget, unlike conventional advertising. Nowadays, firms can film high quality video and take photos on the iPhone within a low budget.


3) Very high credibility


When your brand becomes viral, then people start connecting and believing in your brand. This increases your credibility.


4) High exposure to media


If you are a startup and wish to establish your brand quickly in the market, then increased media exposure will help you a lot.


5) High lead generation.


Viral marketing does help in greatly enhancing leads for your business. Due to increased exposure,

automatically people start getting attracted to your firm.


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