Apps That Made 2018 Great and Revolutionary! Know Why?

This whole year you must have heard about; AI (artificial intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Deep Learning, Neural Network etc. As year passing by, AR became the center of attraction. The particular thing that made the year so much revolutionary is the extreme change in the behavior of us humans towards the technological enhancement.

Recently we have seen the statistics that showed us the most downloaded app across the world. So what made that possible? Most people will answer this by saying the simplified UI, accessible & approachable applications but it’s not just that. In the era of frequently changing, technological world, the only phenomenon work is the technological upgrades you make and adapt. Just to make you understand, the applications you were using before 3 years how changed and updated they are now?

Let’s discuss in an elaborative manner, for that we will take the app that we use nearly on a daily basis is Google Map; everyone knows Google Map calculates the time of your journey based on traffic in the area and gives you the possible nearest route so you can arrive at your destination in time this magic achieved by the infusion of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Google maps also avoid any illegal consequences by using Satellite data.

Another great example to showcase the adaptation of latest technology is Snapchat; everyone loves those cool filters to take Selfie. Snapchat uses the combination of Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. It uses face recognition to apply the filters. 

Only Technological Advancement Matters:

At the inception stage technological advancement is the only thing that matters to get the attraction on App Store along with the quality of the product otherwise, there are many faux pas in the mobile app industry.

What are things the developer should concentrate on in 2019?

Adding these technological lexicons in your daily routine will make you use to of it definitely. Jokes apart, talking frankly it is the time for the developers to up their game as there are many sheep on a single farm.

•    Put your AR, VR game on.

•    As technology advances, more the possibility of a breach, make security priority agenda.

•     Bluetooth devices are again in the game.

•    Focus on cloud-based apps

•    Make your app wearable

What is the role of Blockchain?

As mentioned earlier security will be the prime agenda as 2018 has been proved as the worst years in terms of security. More Business-to-Business communication will adopt blockchain.


On the conjecture of technological advancement and the traditional app development process, sometimes keeping things simple saves a lot of labor.

Though keeping consumer demographics, locations you want to target in mind will upsurge the chances of your app becoming the center of attraction.

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