How Much It Will Cost To Develop A Maid Booking App In 2023?

How Much It Will Cost To Develop A Maid Booking App In 2023?

Welcome to the future of cleaning services – Maid Booking App Development. In our fast-paced world, these apps are revolutionizing how we schedule and manage domestic cleaning. They offer a convenient and efficient way to connect with professional cleaners, making our lives cleaner and more organized.

So, whether you are a  maid service business owner or have agencies of domestic help providers, this opportunity is for you!! You can easily develop your own app like Handy, MaidsApp, Tidy, Housecall Pro, Zeel, Molly Maid, or Urbanclap.
But, How would that be possible? It’s only possible with Appristine Technologies!
Firstly, we would like you to know about the wireframe of the maid app development…

Our maid app development services/wireframe include:

  • User research and analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Data security
  • Marketing and promotion
Yes! We provide complete services from planning to marketing to help all business owners, whether they are entrepreneurs, start-up owners, or someone looking to go digital/online.
Now, let’s see how your maid booking app will look and also the features of Maid Booking App.

How Does Your Maid Booking App Look And the Features of Maid Booking App

Maid App:

  • Maid Registration:
    Maids can create their profiles by registering on the app. They provide their personal information, contact details, and necessary documentation for verification.
  • Maid Login:
    Registered maids can log in to the app using their credentials to access their accounts.
  • Maid Profile, Skills, and Pricing:
    Maids can set up detailed profiles, showcasing their skills, qualifications, experience, and pricing for different services they offer.
  • Maid Availability:
    Maids can set their availability schedule, indicating when they are open to receiving service requests.
  • Maid GPS Location:
    The app tracks the GPS location of maids, ensuring that clients can see their real-time location when searching for services.
  • Maid Online and Offline Status:
    Maids have the flexibility to switch between online and offline modes, indicating their availability to clients.
  • Maid Can Accept the Order:
    When a client requests a service, maids receive notifications and can either accept or decline the job based on their availability and preferences.
  • After Acceptance, the Maid Can Go to the Client's Location:
    If a maid accepts a service request, they receive details about the client's location and can navigate to the specified address to provide the requested services.
  • Maid Earnings:
    The app keeps a record of the maid's earnings for each completed service, including tips if applicable.
  • Maid Profit Statements:
    Maids can access profit statements that provide a breakdown of their earnings, including deductions, if any, made by the platform.

Client App:

  • Client Registration:
    Clients can register on the app by providing their personal information and contact details.
  • Client Login:
    Registered clients can log in to the app using their credentials to access their accounts.
  • Client Can Search for Maids:
    They can search for available maids in their area based on their specific requirements.
  • Client Can Filter Maids Based on Skills:
    Clients have the option to filter maids based on their skills and expertise to find the most suitable match for their needs.
  • Client Can Filter Maids Based on Availability:
    Clients can narrow down their search by filtering maids based on their real-time availability.
  • Client Can Book the Maid:
    Once a client finds a suitable maid, they can send a service request and book the maid for a specific date and time.
  • Client Can Make Online Payment:
    They can make secure online payments for the booked services using payment gateways like Stripe or PayPal.
These functionalities in both the Maid and Client Apps create a user-friendly and efficient platform for connecting maids and clients, making the process of booking and providing cleaning services convenient and transparent for all parties involved.
And many more.. Above are just a few screens. You can add or remove any features and make your own customized maid booking app with Appristine.
But what will be the cost of Maid Booking App Development? Let’s quickly deep into it..

How much will it cost to develop a Maid app in 2023?

Transform your maid service business with Appristine Technologies! We're masters in creating custom maid apps that redefine how you manage domestic assistance. Our team is all about tailoring solutions to your unique needs. Our pricing for maid app development typically ranges from 5000$ to 15,000$, depending on your desired features and customization.
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