How mobile app is instrumental in promoting religious tourism.

How mobile app is instrumental in promoting religious tourism.

20, November 2019, 7:08 PM

In this blog, you will get knowledge regarding as to how mobile apps promote religious tourism. You will also obtain awareness about the benefits of a mobile app.

Religious tourism is one of the most significant aspects of both domestic tourism and international tourism in India. While the government has till now focussed mainly on tourism as a whole, with its widely publicized campaign 'Incredible India' and 'Atithi Devo Bhav', it has mainly ignored the incredible potential of religious tourism. The significance of religious tourism can be gauged from the fact, that Harmandar Sahib gurdwara in Amritsar, otherwise popularly known as Golden Temple, receives more than 2 million tourists a month, from India alone. Readers will be surprised to know that in spite of it being a Sikh holy place, around 30 percent of devotees belong to other faiths. So, you can well estimate the tremendous potential of this largely untapped sector. Many individuals have been quick to realize the enormous potential of this sector. So, a number of religious mobile apps have emerged in the market, which is catering to the specific needs of places of religious tourism in India. Let us take the examples of a few well known mobile apps, which also include religious apps for android.

1) Shubh Badrinath Yatra App.

One of the prime examples of how mobile app is helping in promoting religious tourism places, is Shubh Badrinath Yatra App. It was created by Uttarakhand government. It is a complete app which consists of information about accommodation, petrol pumps, ATMs, restaurants, repair shops, etc.

2) VR Devotee App.

VR Devotee App is an incredible app that is a prime example of religious mobile apps. It is based on Augmentative Reality and Virtual Reality. The user is transported to the world of temples, darshan, puja. All the famous darshans in India like Lord Balaji in Tirupati, Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai, Sri Sai Baba in Shirdi can be seen live. There are around 150 temples in this app.

3) Roobaroo.

Roobaroo is a new app that organizes walks in cities, which helps tourists, in seeing the various visiting spots and also seeing the culture. It is based in Varanasi and they are offering art rides, food experiences, walking tours and yoga classes.

4) Nabakalebara.

Nabakalebara is another amazing app which is also depicting how mobile app helps in promoting religious tourism places. It is an app specifically designed for the Jagannath temple. Nabakalebara is a festival, which is used to celebrate when the idols of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra, Balabhadra and Sudarshan are replaced in the Lord Jagannath temple. It is the brainchild of Shri Pavarkar Samal and his son Mr Parsuram Samal.

5) 27 Mantra.

A new entry in the field of spiritual tourism, this website is essentially a religious concierge service. Using this website, you can order your entire gamut of services like Archana, pooja or Homam, organizing spiritual darshan and yantras at the temples. If you require eprasad delivery, then in that case also, it will be done. All the Hindu spiritual apps are carried out at specific temples. You can also do pooja in the name of your loved ones, by using the tool 'Gift in Pooja'.

Now, after going through all the most common mobile apps, you must be wondering why at all do you need mobile apps for promoting religious tourism. Why are travel companies, devoting valuable time, money and resources in creating mobile apps? So, let us list some popular benefits of using mobile apps for promoting religious tourism places in India.

1) A very powerful marketing tool.

In the present economic scenario, online marketing and business promotion are the mainstays for increasing leads and business sales. So, it is imperative that you market all the various religious tourism places in India, extensively over the internet and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Surveys have indicated, that currently, almost 80 percent of domestic tourists are using smartphones for booking holidays. So, it is extremely significant, that religious tourism places are also included in it.

2) Convenient bookings.

The next benefit is the advantage of convenient bookings. It is very easy for users to search the respective religious place like Golden Temple, Tirupati and do the booking instantly. This will immediately give your company many new customers and generate instant leads. In fact, mobile apps give hell a lot of advantages to the consumer. This includes booking entry tickets, flight, train, bus, cab bookings, hotel reservations, and restaurants, etc. Imagine, if your firm is organizing a trip to Tirupati, then how much business you will gain by keeping a mobile app for the holy place. There are many additional features, which you can add in religious mobile apps, like giving information about weather updates, adventure activities like helicopter darshan, shopping places and so on.

3) Transactions become very simple.

Due to the use of smartphones, users can keep multiple copies of a train, airline bookings, hotel bookings etc with them. There is no need for maintaining loads of paper. Secondly, you have the advantage of doing online payments 24 by 7 days a week. There is no requirement of using cash during your trip, thus reducing the likelihood of thefts a great deal.

4) Provisions of rebates and discounts.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that the no of visitors to the sacred Golden Temple increased exponentially, with the introduction of a 20 % discount by various travel operators, in the Incredible India app. So, if you are a tour operator, you should introduce various rebates and discounts, in your apps, to increase your business. Rebates can be of different types like discounts on flights, trains, rail, hotel accommodation, food, recreation activities, etc.

5) Awesome pics.

Another awesome feature of mobile apps is that you get to see awesome pics, of the various holy places on the app itself. So, this is very beneficial for you to make on the spot decision regarding whether to go there or not.

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