Why python is the best  programming language for learning ?

Why python is the best programming language for learning ?

30, July 2019, 4:43 PM

In this blog, you will come to know the reasons why Python is the best programming language for learning. You will also get the awareness as to why Python is highly sought after and widely implemented by the majority of the companies.


If you desire to make a career in the IT industry, then you need to have a very good knowledge of programming. But, selecting the right programming language is indeed a tough task. There are a lot of languages, which are right there in the market. Python is one of the languages in high demand which new people are eager to learn. You must be wondering of all languages, why only Python. Now let us understand the reasons why Python is the best programming language for fresh entrants.


1) Wide applicability in AI and ML.


Artificial language is right now, the most in thing the market and companies all over the world are eager to hire candidates in this field. Currently, the remuneration is very high in this field. You will be delighted to know that python forms the base of AI programming. So, it becomes very essential on your part to learn python. You will be delighted to know that there are many firms like Google,

Facebook, NASA, Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox, Instagram, Reddit which are using Python. Neural networks are doing everything from using social networks and driving cars, as a part of ML. Python is the main language of ML programming.


2) Readable syntax and code.


The code in Python is very easy to understand and write. It also uses proper indentation and resembles plain English. For example, in Python, you write like this


print(“I'am great”)


and in Java, the code is like this,


public class HelloWorld {


public static void main(String[] args) {


System.out.println("I'am great");





and in C++, it is written like this


#include <iostream>int main() {

std::cout << "I'am great.\n";




3) Fast progression.


One of the main reasons why Python is the best programming language is that progress happens very fast. You will start by writing small programs. Due to easy syntax, you will be able to write down code very quickly and learn the whole language.


4) Versatility.


Another big factor influencing the choice of Python as a programming language is its versatility.

You can code web scrapers, indulge in data mining and do game programming. Additionally, there are lots of libraries and packages. A library is a collection of books which will extend your program’s function and help you solve tasks in programming. There are quite a few practical projects which are very popular such as Pygame, Django, Pygal, and Matplotib.


5) Lots of learning resources are available.


There are lots of resources available for learning Python, both online and offline as compared to other software. For example, you have CodeAcademy, Python Crash Course, 30 days of Python,

Exercise, Intro to Computer Science at Udacity, Learn Python the hard way.


6) Lots of community to help you.


Python is one of the few programming languages in which you will get plenty of community members to help you, in case of issues. For example, there are Python forums, Pycon, Python documentation, and Django documentation.


7) It is free.


Python is completely free since it is open source. It is Open Source and compatible with GPL.


8) Booming employment market.


Currently, there are plenty of openings in the field of Python. So, the remuneration for Python coding experts is very high in the market, since it is a niche skill.

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