What are the benefits and features of the mobile app used in the travel industry?

What are the benefits and features of the mobile app used in the travel industry?

7, February 2023, 12:47 PM

Are you into travel business and you wish to expand your business, but don’t know how to approach it? The answer is a mobile app. Travel companies, destination management firms have realized the significance of travel apps and designing world class travel apps. For example, MakeMyTrip firm is providing an all inclusive flight booking app, hotel booking app, and car booking app to fulfill your requirement within seconds.


Main features of Mobile app

Travel mobile app is basically a software application, designed to run on a smartphone which automates the whole travel process including booking, search, cancellation, etc. Though it is a comprehensive tool, there are certain features which are listed below.

  1.  Flight Booking app
  2.  Hotel booking app
  3.  Car booking app
  4.  Dynamic packaging
  5.  Reward points
  6.  GPS based location
  7.  Converting currency
  8.  Secure payment gateway


Next, you need to understand why travel app is so significant.


Customer get attracted very easily1) Customers get attracted very easily

A mobile app like flight booking app, hotel booking app, car booking app will exponentially increase your business by offering all the latest deals, discounts, etc. You will be spared the need for a guide or manual which will explain the latest offerings by your firm. Additionally, if your app has good U/UX designs, then it will significantly increase the download.



2) Users get one stop solution.User Get One Stop Solution

Users get all the facilities like flight booking, car booking, hotel booking, etc in one app. They need not use other applications in case of any issues. They don’t need to contact the firm for booking their hotels by phone, fax, etc. The services become extremely automated. Mobile apps also connect with restaurants to provide wholesome experience in a particular destination. Besides, the travel app provides photos and videos of all the tourist destinations offered. This will help the customer in deciding quickly.


Excellent content management3) Excellent content management.

The apps are an excellent way of managing content. You will be aware of your customer's interests and keep track of their preferences by checking the tracking history in the app. For example, if you find your users are checking Goa packages more, then consequently, you can focus more on Goa tourism.




4) Information security.Information Security

You can store your customer's personal details like age, name, place of residence and their preferences in the app itself, without having to maintain cumbersome devices like laptops, hard discs, etc. This will also help a long way in maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of your customers.




better coordinations5) Better coordination

Another big advantage of having a well designed app is that you can provide instant customer support which is accessible 24 * 7. Suppose, if your users want any change in the itinerary, or require any emergency assistance, they can log on to the app, contact the customer care service and get it resolved easily. This is far superior to calling in the earlier days and then waiting for the customer care to respond.



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