Start-up Ecosystem: Dynamics, Impact, Competition In The Startups

Start-up Ecosystem: Dynamics, Impact, Competition In The Startups

19, September 2018, 2:40 PM

These days Start-up is more like a magnet that attracts all iron fillings towards it. The rise in start-ups shows the changing graph of economic systems and hierarchy of the enterprising system. As each organization is controlled by its body members; start-up eco-system plays the kind of similar vital role in it.

Start-up Eco-System is formed to create and scale new start-ups companies. To help newbies to get in touch with the investors.

Comparing the statistics of today’s start-ups has grown and performed well in almost every sector, be it E-commerce, Healthcare, Hyperlocal etc. Everyone wants to run a start-up and why not? The report says, based on a survey of 400 CEOs, 77 percent are "very confident" in growth prospects, and the entrepreneurial mindset is a key confidence booster. 2015-2016 has seen some really great progress in entrepreneurial climate. The great news is we have seen a huge increase in a number of women founders during these two years.

Talking about U.S. and China; China looks positioned to overtake U.S. dominance in numerous tech sectors. Last year China has registered AI, Crypto-blockchain related patent four times greater than the U.S. which shows that China is in the competition to win it. Talking about another largest economy in the world, India; it has seen really a huge shift in start-up culture and the way system works. This growth, that has pushed India up to the ranks to become the world’s third-largest start-up ecosystem, has been more or less concentrated over the last three years. The initiative taken by “Start-up India” has truly proved as the game changer. Three year-tax breaks, self-certified compliance, and no inspection for three years has truly boosted the entrepreneurs.

Top start-up hubs like Silicon Valley, London, and New York continue to dominate top-level activity and maintain their status as the top performers for most sub-sectors. But we see strong up-and-coming ecosystems in specific sectors like Fintech, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain. The shifts in the start-up map both geographic and economic, are signals that we are heading into a new era of tech.

A major way we see the map of entrepreneurship changing globally with new hubs of excellence is the increase of activity in Asia. For the past six years, the share of funding going to Asia-Pacific countries grew, while the U.S. share declined. In 2017, VC funding for start-ups in the United States and in the Asia-Pacific region was even, with each accounting for 42 percent of investment value. China is the primary growth driver in this shift. 

According to a report released by Start-up link, a global start-up ecosystem map with tens of thousands of registered start-ups, co-working spaces, and accelerators, the Indian start-up ecosystem is ranked at number 37 and the global ranking of its top three cities are Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

Interestingly, India ranks below Latin American countries Mexico (30th) and Chile (33rd). Its neighbors, China (12th), Singapore (10th), South Korea (17th), and Japan (20th) are in the top 20 list.

Small nations of less than 10 million inhabitants like Sweden (6th), Denmark (7th), Switzerland (8th), and Singapore (10th) placed in the top 10. Asia is also building its momentum, led by Singapore (10th), and closely followed by China (12th), South Korea (17th), and Japan (20th).

Clearly, India has a long distance to cover. The Indian start-up ecosystem is also yet to see major exits - an important measure to gauge the maturity of a start-up ecosystem. India is comparatively in the sowing process, but from the last few years, India has seen some remarkable shifts. Indian start-up eco-system is fertile and has an utmost potential to come out with more aggression.


It is clear that the evolution of the Indian start-up ecosystem is dynamic and is becoming more seasoned with the different players evolving in their corresponding roles. The Indian start-ups are on a roll.

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