Kai OS: New Competitor In The Market

Kai OS: New Competitor In The Market

14, August 2018, 1:28 PM

KaiOS is a Linux based operating system introduced in 2017 by Kaios technologies, San Diego based startup. KaiOS is trying to bridge the gap between the people and the digital world. KaiOS provides apps like Google maps, Google assistance. Initially, in 2017 KaiOS didn't have its shares in India but in 2018 it has gained shares in India and is trying to give competition to Android and IOS.

KaiOS Phones Are Becoming Popular:

KaiOS has a partnership with Reliance. The first product that was launched using KaiOS was Jio Phone. It was launched in 2017. KaiOS has brought the features of the smartphone in affordable Jio Phone. It provides features like 4G/LTE network, 4GB storage. Many people want a phone that occupies less space and has a good battery life with all the applications like android. With the introduction of Jio phone and Jio Phone2, the battery life and application seems to come true. It will integrate Google services such as google assistance, youtube also in Jio Phones.  Some app like Facebook, Whatsapp will be introduced in Jio Phones from 15th August 2018.

Google has also invested $22million in KaiOS. Jio phone2 has a Qwerty keyboard. It supports Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth. It also provides the video calling service. KaiOS featured phones like Jio use limited memory and has a long battery life. It has a partnership with Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, Doro, Nokia, Bullitt also.KaiOS is working with Micromax, TCL, and HMD.  India is flooded with smartphones and With the introduction of Jio Phones powered by KaiOS featured mobiles are coming back into the role. KaiOS uses HTML5 for messaging, game, social media.

KaiOS has launched low-cost connected feature phones, but the future of KaiOS is not limited to Mobile Phones only. KaiOS might enter the world of wearables also and might give tough competition to wearable brands like Fitbit and Apple.

What we need to build apps For KaiOS
KaiOS apps are built using HTML/CSS/Angular/jquery, we do not need to put extra efforts. Since KaiOS is based on Mozilla open source B2G OS.

Devices With KaiOS

  • Alcatel

  • Reliance Jio 

  • Nokia

  • Doro 

KaiOS has entered the world of mobile phones; It would be interesting to see if it maintains its position in the market and climbs the ladder in future.  Android and IOS need to gear up as KaioS also provides somewhat the same features. It will be fun to see these three on the battleground as another player has come and is gaining popularity in India.

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