Evolution of Healthcare Sector & Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to our life we become more concern and then tend to find various ways to stay healthy. We talk about the technologies in the medical sector and the need for improving them.  In the previous blog “Rising Health Consciousness and Health Tech App” I have already mentioned a few of things about Healthcare & Medical Sector.

As we are witnessing the evolution of technology; people are finding easy solutions for their health & fitness queries. Earlier people use to have one family physician but these days you have an application which can locate the expert in seconds. These apps didn't have such a positive response from the users, but since 2014, these apps have seen a massive growth. The AI which is the most researched topic in medical & healthcare sectors is being used in many fields. Using AI’s different applications in the medical sector we can overcome all the drawbacks.

 Governments, Private companies, and healthcare researchers are investing in AI. Further study and evolution in the healthcare sector are revolving around AI. Differentiating on the bases of color, size, and shape and then integrates it into a new result. This helps in detecting cancer cells also. Nowadays most of the solutions in healthcare use human-created algorithms for recommending solution there are various forms of intelligence when thinking of health care.

What can AI do?

Repetitive jobs: Task like x-rays, CT scan, and data entry consumes a lot of time it can be done faster and more precisely by the robots. Branches like radiology and cardiology require a lot of data analysis this can be done by robots and that too properly.

Digital consultation: This is something like getting your doctor anywhere; there are many apps which we can use. These apps collect the information or ask the user for the symptoms he/she is dealing with, such apps keep the information in the database compares the symptoms and responses you back. Using the algorithm of categorizing.

Treatment design: By analyzing the data, means it can be patients’ report; data gathered from the database or from external research gives the customized treatment.

Health monitoring: The health tracker Apple, Fit bit tracks the heart beats and tells you if you need to exercise more. They can alert the user and can share the data with the doctors as well.

AI-assisted robotic surgery, virtual nursing, Workflow and administrative tasks all this are being used today:

Surgery: Surgery using artificial intelligence, here robot can help in surgery. As in AI robots learn from their past experiences and find new ways or techniques in which the particular operation can take place. In the same way, the robot’s gained knowledge and the results are impressive. Robots are being used for critical surgery where, I remind an incident reading somewhere that a robot-assisted a heart surgeon in a very complex heart surgery where all instruments got failed a small robot, was sent into a small incision in order to map the actual scenario.

Now let’s talk about “Virtual nursing”: a virtual nurse interacts with the patients and guides them just like nowadays your Google Assistant or Alexa does! It is 24x7 available services where they monitor patients.

Workflow and Administrative task: Today efficient task performed by an AI system is saving a lot of time. If the doctor is working on an emergency case at such time writing a chart, medication, tests this thing can be done by the robot. But as we know they learn from experiences and saved data; collected from previous experiences and categories it may take the decision accordingly.

As per my observation, AI can perform exceptionally in tasks such as; 

•    Analysis

•    Chatbots

•    Health tracker

Analytics: Where bots keep on analyzing the patient so that the emergency situation can be avoided. Baggies like Microsoft and other firms like Paige.ai , Prognos.ai, and hireolive.com are already investing in AI.

Chatbots: Used for physician inquiry.

Health tracker: It tracks the current status of the patient depending on the real-time data collected.

Apart from that, there are many things in the future where AI will break the traditions. Following the footstep of E-commerce, Fintech & Education sector now, the Medical sector is marching towards the evolution of technology.

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