Digital Agriculture and Technology

Digital Agriculture and Technology

7, February 2023, 12:48 PM

Now when everything is digitalized, how can we forget farming an important part on which population relay? It's time for the revolution in farming. Farming depends on climatic changes. We grew crops based on climate. The growing population demands growth in agriculture. With the help of digital agriculture, farmers get the benefit. Many farmers are adopting the changes. They share their current cultivation and discuss their problems. Initially, there was a fear of sharing their techniques with each other but after getting results they started sharing more. Planting date, water management, pest control everything needs to be managed by the farmer and all depends upon environmental changes. Check listing all the factors becomes difficult for the human being.

AI taking agriculture to next level

Yes, machines can help in agriculture. AI (artificial intelligence), robotics and advanced machines can be used to collect data and this machinery can give the valuable data to farmers. The software can help to monitor soil and crops so that the farmers get an idea of the current position or the requirements of the soil. Machine learning can help analyze the impacts of the various conditions such as climatic changes. Analysis helps make a better decision.

How Can Startups Help?

Startups can give the most powerful tools to the farmers. Using AI and collecting the data and using those data is something we need to focus on. We need to train the bots and various algorithms should be used so that the measurable data can be retrieved. These data can help farmers decide the fertilizers input to be used and the soil condition. The cost of digital agriculture in high. So now making this affordable and accessible by the farmers is one of the challenges and we need to overcome. Here startup can really help to minimize the cost and can make it affordable.

Utilizing Blockchain

Blockchain a shared and distributed database which is being used in finance but it is growing continuously and we can use it in agriculture also. We can store and share data. The blockchain is expanding and using IOT to reduce the cost and increase efficiency. Using it in agriculture means collecting the data about the crop. It also helps farmers to decide if the crop is ready to harvest. A startup named RIPE is trying to showcase this distributed technology in farming.


Drones came into the market long back but using it in agriculture helps in an analysis. We can store data in USB drives and can see it on the computer or can also share. The images captured and a sensor used in drones helps us get measurable data about the condition of the crop.


When we look towards the agriculture techniques, it's been changing rapidly and is bringing something new that helps farmers. Digital agriculture is still new and the cost is very high though it is beneficial. If we want technology to reach maximum farmers we need to work even more on the software. We need to reduce the cost and make it handy to make it reach maximum.



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