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Recently was going through TechCrunch blogs and realized that it was quite a FIFA fever last month. The World Cup led to a record-breaking number of apps downloads and consumers spend record-breaking downloads of apps during the season of FIFA. Over 28.4 billion apps downloaded and this massive downloads mostly attributed to India.

Online streaming video content is quickly becoming the most popular and easily accessible way to consume entertainment. The way we used to access entertainment has been changed completely. Today we don’t have to rush towards the big screens as there are many alternative options of screening medium are present and are way cheaper like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO these are few internationally spread platforms, there are few Indian platforms like Hotstar and Voot too.   

The online video streaming is at the peak then how the concept of live streaming will stay back? The live video concept is gaining rapid popularity amongst the younger generation; there are few examples right now in trending including, Livestream, YouTube, and Instagram etc.

Entertainment is by far the most common live stream focus. Gaming, sports, music, TV shows, news, and events are found often, but there are also channels for technology and education. It's like all the information is only one finger touch away from you, there was a huge shift seen towards the entertainment app development this year.

The Growth of Live Streaming and Entertainment Social Media Platforms:

Right now, the live streaming industry is booming. The industry as a whole is estimated to reach over $70 billion by 2021. Facebook live videos are viewed three times longer than videos that aren’t live, and each of the major live streaming platforms sees millions of monthly active users. As such, live streaming represents a huge opportunity for marketers.

Will First Discuss live streaming applications:

Best Live Streaming App:

Live streaming is now omnipresent, it’s kind of everywhere and with its rise on a number of social platforms comes the inevitable difficulty of deciding which one to use.

Though most platforms have similarities and generally an accepted feature standard, each one is a little bit different and offers users different capabilities and experiences were broadcast, discovering, and sharing videos are concerned.

Everybody kind of knows but here I am mentioning some of the platforms that I found interesting:

YouTube is probably the easiest and most well-known platform to use for integrating live stream content. It offers solutions to quickly set up a live stream through your channel as long as it is verified and in good standing. There is a live chat feature that can be disabled if you so choose, although most live streams really do go well with an engaging live chat. YouTube is the perfect place to start up a live stream project at little to no cost.

Another option worth considering is, which is great for broadcasting any kind of live event. For the most part, I have seen high-quality productions on this site.

This site is a bit different in that it offers solutions for a variety of high-quality live streaming options, even production services and a video advertising platform focused on lead generation. There is a variety of content with categories like sports, gaming, news, music, and general entertainment. Ustream has a wider range of content, for example, you will find streams for technology, education, religion and even wildlife here, among others.

Best Entertainment social media platforms:

Apart from living streaming, right now the buzz is all about Well yes, it’s the most popular application amongst the teenaged. It is a video social network app where you get to create short lip-syncing and dancing videos to popular tunes. 

Originally, the founders of had set out to make an educational social networking app, where users could teach and learn via short-form videos. When the app failed to get traction, the founders pivoted and launched The official app was launched in August 2014 and now has more than 200 million users who upload around 12 million videos every day.

The app called “Like” resembles with but its AR features – and ‘BOOM’ effects set the app on the different level.

Stepping on the footstep of, “Like” is trying to create its own community within which videos are shared, as well as pushing them out to other social networks. It’s currently the 47th top free iPhone app in the US App Store.

Over the year’s medium of entertainment have changed in terms to make the reach of entertainment in a very affordable manner. Live video, AR features and what not? Each time it just simply makes me think that what will be the future of entertainment medium?

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