Benefits of mobile apps for healthcare industry

Benefits of mobile apps for healthcare industry

31, July 2019, 6:59 PM

Imagine ten years ago, visiting a hospital. Long queues, dilapidated rooms and faces of suffering patients waiting for their turn. But ten years later, the situation has drastically changed. Just click on your smartphone, book an appointment with the doctor and get the job done. This transformation has occurred due to a new innovation known as healthcare mobile app. Before delving further, let us understand the meaning and significance of healthcare mobile app.

What is the meaning of mobile app for healthcare?

Mobile app for healthcare means an automated software which is used to run a healthcare app
like Practo,  on your phone or laptop. The benefits of mobile apps in healthcare are explained below.


1) Healthcare apps are a big advantage for medical personnel like doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Healthcare staff often gets access to their patients and customers using healthcare apps like Practo.
You can book an appointment and the doctor will get access to your health condition using the apps.
Even prescriptions are being made digital, so as to give the doctor quicker access to their patients.

2) Readymade access in remote areas.

Among the other major benefits of mobile apps in healthcare, is the facility of access to treatment and medicines for people living in remote areas. If you are living in say Ladakh, you can purchase medicines and make an appointment with the doctor over the phone itself.

3) Patients get several advantages.

Patients are the biggest beneficiaries of using a mobile app for healthcare. They can fix appointments, discovering a specialist and experienced doctor, online medicine purchase within affordable prices and checking their test results. In addition, they can have a video chat with the doctor for a healthy face to face interaction. For some patients, they can consult nutritionists and dieticians online.

4) Healthcare app collaborating with IoT.

Another revolutionary change in healthcare mobile app is the presence of the Internet of Things. Doctors get readymade information, due to the presence of advanced medical devices to the patient’s body for monitoring. IoT has helped to manage the resources of the patient. The auxiliary medical
staff will able to note the goods of the staff and maintain it. You will get much more detailed instructions and reduces the cost of treatment.

5) Chances of faulty diagnosis are reduced a great deal.

All the healthcare apps give the most accurate diagnosis of the patient’s disease since human intervention is minimal. So, you will get the most accurate prescription from the doctor, since the diagnosis is precise, with the correct medication dosage. Subsidiary healthcare staff also maintain the patient’s record accurately, due to correct diagnostic reports.

6) Your medical expenses are greatly reduced.

Medical expenses are greatly reduced by using a healthcare app. Since you get the bills instantly, it will prevent you from getting cheated by hospitals. Also, you can choose the most optimally priced services using the app.

7) Bill payment made very easy.

Another big advantage of a health app is the provision of online bill payment. Forget queues and you can pay using a debit card, credit card, UPI, etc. All the financial transactions are 100 percent secure. If the bill is large, you can also pay your healthcare bill in installments.

8) Personal health monitoring.

You will also be able to monitor your health like checking blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, etc, by using the health app. This will aid you greatly in taking precautions and also actions, in case of an emergency.

9) Brand is established.

If you have a healthcare business, you can greatly expand it by using apps. Customer base is enhanced using push notifications.


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