How Tiktok  can help in marketing for companies

How Tiktok can help in marketing for companies

17, May 2019, 12:00 AM

In the market, currently, there are hordes of companies which will promote marketing for you. Tiktok is a new entrant among them. It is a Chinese app, which is used to create short music videos of 3 to 15 seconds duration. It is an Android and IOS media app for making and sharing short videos. It also creates short looping videos of duration 3 to 60 seconds.It is called Douyin in Chinese. The app is currently owned by Byte dance and launched as Douyin in China in Sept, 2016. For overseas buyers, its name was changed to Tiktok after one year. As of today, it is available in 150 countries and in 75 different languages.

History of tiktok

Tiktok was launched by Byte Dance in the month of September 2016.Tiktok was renamed as Douyin. It was created in 200 days and got 1 million users within a year. After renaming it to Tiktok, it was launched in other countries. It was ranked as number one among free mobile apps in Thailand. TikTok has been downloaded 80 million times in USA and 800 million times in the whole world. In November 2017, Byte Dance acquired, a startup in Shanghai, by spending upto 1 billion USD.

What are the main features of Tiktok ?

TikTok mobile app helps users for making a short video of themselves, featuring background music. It can be sped up, slowed and then edited with a filter. For creating a music video with the app, users need to choose a background music from a variety of music genres, editing with filter and recording a 15 second video with speed adjustments, before uploading it to Tiktok. This app has a react future which allows users to film their reaction to video, over which it is kept in a single window, which is movable around the screen. There is a feature called duet which allows users to film a video inside a video. Tiktok app allows users which sets their accounts as 'private'. In this, the account content is visible to TikTok , but it is hidden from other TikTok users which the owner of the app has deemed unauthorized, for viewing. TikTok uses artificial intelligence to analyse user's interests through the interactions with the content. It displays a personalized content to feed the user.

Considering all these factors, TikTok should be your first choice for designing all these apps, for increasing digital marketing of your firm. Once you go through the below mentioned reasons, you will realize the advantages of incorporating TikTok in your firm

1) Tiktok is very customer specific

TikTok built an app which is targeting only the young audience.It is based on front camera and on viral video content without requiring production studios and high level equipment. So, if you are young, then Tiktok should be your first choice.

2) Rapid growth of Tiktok

Tiktok has surpassed Instagram for the highest no of downloads, approx 1 billion downloads. This is because it has purchased and ByteDace investment.

3) Tiktok is focused on smart growth

Tiktok has released many options for filtering unwanted attention and controlling the profile's privacy and data. Tiktok is educating users, on how to use the platform and making the app very safe for younger people.

4) It is a viral video platform.

Tiktok users use the app lesser than Instagram and Snapchat user. Most of the content is viral video and it helps firms tremendously for low cost viral marketing campaigns.

The incomparable ByteDance

But behind all this bravado of Tiktok, lies the main force ByteDance. It is a Chinese technology firm operating machine learning content platforms, based out of Beijing. It was created by Zhang Yiming in 2012. It has core product, Toutaio, a very famous content platform in China. Toutatio began as a news recommendation engine and evolved into a platform giving content in many formats like texts, images, posts, videos and microblogs. You will get personalized information, which are powered by machine learning programs. A content feed is always given based on what the machine learns about user's preferences. In the month of March 2016, ByteDance started Toutiao Video, which was later renamed as Xigua Video. Xigua Video is a small video platform which host a variety of video clips which are of duration 2-5 minutes. Top Buzz is an international format of Toutiao, a content aggregation and mobile platform which delivers videos, GIF's, articles and news to users all over the world. Another very popular app is News Republic. It is a video and news aggregator with daily breaking news from 2300 media people in 43 languages and 47 countries. What is more interesting, is that in November 2017, ByteDance purchased News Republic from Cheetah Mobile.


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